Past Wines

Domaine des Bouts 2016

Domaine des Bouts is situated in Laudun, one of the first Rhône villages allowed to label its wine ‘Côtes du Rhône Villages’, to the west of the Rhône River. The well-drained, sandy clay soils lend themselves to the cultivation of Grenache Blanc grapes, which produce crisp, elegant white wines.

The Wine

Domaine des Bouts has 5000 hectares of Marsanne and Rousanne grapes. These are machine harvested and then taken to the winery, built in 2000, for vinification.The grape varieties are pressed together, rather than separately, meaning that blending starts immediately, resulting in a harmonious, well balanced wine. After fermentation, the wine is stored in concrete tanks, which helps to preserve fruit character, before being bottled on site. This wine has a terroir-driven complexity, showing the minerality of the soils whilst the sun shines through the citrus. There is a good weight to the wine and the palate finishes with a delicate cocktail of mint and white peach offset by a hint of nuts.